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I do two main things in my approach -

1. Identify problems - through my muscle testing technique and test kits, I'm able to identify immune challenges and toxicities and determine where the issue is inside the body.

2. Find solutions - these come in the form of homeopathy, herbs, supplements, lifestyle, etc. Solutions are targeted to solve the problems found and are dosed specifically to what your body needs.

My technique is an effective way to determine the root cause of health problems and provide nutritional and supplemental solutions to bring the body back into balance.

What you can expect

Initial Consultation

At your initial consultation, I'll sit with you and listen to your concerns after reviewing your intake form. I'll explain clinical nutrition so you have a better understanding of what I do. Then you will be tested, and a protocol tailored specifically to you will be provided. 

Before leaving your initial consultation, you will book and prepay your first 6 follow up visits. 

Follow Ups

You will be tested at each follow up visit in order to fine tune your protocol. Supplements on your current protocol will be evaluated for whether they still belong, and new supplements will be added as needed.

The goal is to help you meet your health goals as quickly as possible. After you've reached your goal, it's important to continue a healthy lifestyle. Clients typically visit me monthly or bi-monthly for "tune ups." The more often you're tested, the more your health can be monitored and the greater your benefit. 


What I expect

Mutual Expectations

The following are guidelines for your health journey:

1. Take your recommended supplements as listed on your sheet. If you miss a dose, make it up later. If you miss a day, start over the next day.

2. Keep your visits as scheduled and be respectful of start and stop times. Time is precious, which is also why there's a 24 hour cancellation policy. 

3. I don't judge. I'll meet you where you're at. 

4. If you take other supplements, please continue to do so. You may bring them to your visit to determine if your body wants them. 

5. Nutritional supplements do not cause side effects; they are not drugs. Occasionally after starting your protocol, you may temporarily feel "sick." If this occurs, do not cancel your appointment. Contact me. I will advise you on whether changes to your protocol are necessary or if you should be tested sooner. Sometimes these instances occur when the body undergoes a healing crisis (this is often a sign that the body is getting to work). However, since I test for the right amount of supplements, it is not common to experience discomfort associated with your protocol.

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