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Orgonite is made by mixing resin, metal, and crystals. Most people have orgonite in pyramid form (the strongest shape in nature), but it can also be molded into other shapes.

Probably the most significant benefit of orgonite is its ability to harmonize negative EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) into positive EMFs. Think about wifi, 5G, Fitbits, Apple watches – all of those things are chaotic frequencies that interfere with the normal electrical current in your body. Orgonite helps to neutralize the chaos and make it positive.

I have 16 orgonite pyramids in my house and also have several other shapes that work well for my purse, pocket, and vehicle. My collection is always growing.

If you’re interested in orgonite, I’d encourage you to check out I personally know Steve and the quality of his product. If you’re looking for something specific (color, crystal, etc.), you can contact him, and he can work with you.

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